Restaurant audit

Is there a lot of problems in your restaurant? No customers, no profits, and you don't know what to do next? We will help you solve problems and make your restaurant business successful.
To do this, we conduct an audit of the restaurant:
- Study of internal factors: financial report, sales report, service, staffing, cleanliness, interior, menu, taste of dishes and drinks. Sometimes we use secret visits that are conducted unnoticed by the staff.
- Study of external factors: competition, sources of influx of guests, infrastructure, transport interchange, convenience of approach or entrance.
Restaurant Audit Result: how to make your restaurant business successful:
1. Recommendations for adjusting the concept;
2. Recommendations on menu adjustments and pricing policy of dishes and drinks;
3. Recommendations for adjusting the service and taste qualities;
4. Recommendations for adjusting the marketing strategy.
5. What to do: step-by-step instructions.

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