Restaurant design is much more complex than residential design. Designers who understand the restaurant business work in my projects. We have developed the marketing design system: we take into account the features of the premises, the audience of the project, the format of the restaurant, current trends and, of course, the budget. The design of the restaurant should serve the main goal - the success of the project.

The design project of the restaurant is:

I stage. Marketing concept design and visualization:

  • Conceptual developments;
  • Measurement plan of the premises;
  • Architectural and planning solution of the premises;
  • Furniture layout plan;
  • Visualization in 3D or watercolor drawings Stage

II - Drawings:

  • Plan of installation / dismantling of walls and partitions;
  • Drawings of walls and partitions; Plumbing plan; floor plan;
  • Ceiling plan;
  • Scheme and specification of doors;
  • Lighting layout plan;
  • Layout plan for sockets and switches;
  • Bar counter drawing; furniture specification;
  • Drawing of the entrance group and signs;
  • Development of decorative elements;

III stage. Author's supervision:

  • Maintenance of construction and repair works;
  • Correction of the project, making changes;
  • Selection of finishing materials;
  • Selection of interior elements, including large and small decor;
  • Control over the manufacture and placement of furniture, bar counters with equipment, lighting, decor, textiles and dishes.

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