Restaurant concept

The concept of the restaurant is its detailed portrait. What will be the project, what format, kitchen, what investment is needed, what design - all these points are set out in a document called Concept of restaurant.

I have my own methodology for developing the HORECA concept. It includes the following sections:
1. Project marketing
External factors:
- Analysis of location, population, infrastructure;
- Definition of potential audience, its characteristics;
- Analysis of the competitive environment;
- Defining a promising market niche;
Internal factors:
- Characteristics of the premises or areas that affect the concept;
Optimal concept:
- what kind of restaurant
- menu and price category
- what makes the project stand out in the market
- restaurant brand values
- references for design
2. Business organization
-Conceptual planning: halls, kitchen, utility rooms;
- List of kitchen and bar equipment;
- Staffing, responsibilities of employees;
- Specifications of furniture, utensils, software, inventory, textiles with information about suppliers;
3. Financial portrait of the project
- Investment in business
- The average check and its changes in different periods
- Current fixed costs
- Current variable costs
- PNL of restaurant
- Conclusions on the payback of the project and the effectiveness of the investment.


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